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Targeted Solutions:

Continuous Process Improvement
Organizational  Development
Specialized Training Services
"Your Success is
  Our Business,
Your Business is
  Our Passion!"
"The Fixed Operations Expert"
At Automotive Dealership Coaching we focus exclusively on the areas of concern, problems or opportunities that exist in your dealership and are important to you. We focus on your specific needs and interests, a true Consultative Partnership. While our specialty is Fixed Operations, Automotive Dealership Coaching provides expertise in the following areas as well:
Digital Processes
Dealership Culture
Variable Ops
Fixed Operations
Expense Analysis
Employee Engagement
Customer Experience and CSI
Opportunity Analysis
Facilitated Planning
Process Analysis, Design, Implementation and Sustainment
Process Manual Development; by Process, Department or Total Dealership

There are also additional products and tools in development in house and with our strategic partners:
Safety Net, provides a monthly review of your digital assets
Marketing Monitor, to help you align your marketing spend to drive higher sales
Buyer Loyalty, a tool to drive service profitability and build lasting relationships with your customers
Customer Connect, stay in touch with customers after key events to gauge their satisfaction and improve it
Sales Manager Workshops
Service Manager Workshops
Service Consultant Workshops
Targeted Training Programs

Automotive Dealership Coaching offers affordable total dealership coaching and consulting services tailored to your dealership's unique situation and needs, driving your business to continued success.

For information on how we can solve your unique problems, contact us today:

"Your Success is
  Our Business,
Your Business is
  Our Passion!"
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