Unsolicited comments from Dealer Principals, Managers and Industry Professionals
and what they are saying about ADC Head Coach, Joe Lacey:

“Joe is one of the best resources that General Motors has ever provided my dealership!”
  Chevrolet Dealership -  Alabama

“Joe is very adept with fixed operations and value added targeted consulting. His service drive training really helped us and it was great!”   Chevrolet Dealership - North Carolina

“Your support and experience is priceless to us. I greatly appreciate the fact that you willingly spend more time with us than the contract requires to assure we get all the assistance we need. With you, I feel we have someone that can assist us on the issues that are important, but (due to the fact that we are a small dealer) I do not have the time to research and analyze the advantages available to us. It’s a real benefit to have someone with your knowledge and experience helping me keep an eye on all the facets of the program to make sure we are maximizing the opportunity.”
  Chevrolet Dealership - Pennsylvania

“I appreciate not only Joe’s knowledge and expertise, but I’m really impressed with his work ethic and character.”
  Buick GMC Dealership - Alabama

“We  sincerely appreciate the passion you have brought to our General Motors dealerships.”
  Vice President, Sales Operations - General Motors

“Joe played a big part in facilitating a solution to one of the biggest problems they had - lack of solid processes in Service. Joe came in and worked with them, without talking down to them but rather talking with them to arrive at solutions, processes they could buy into and use. It made sense to them because Joe didn't put on a show, he became one of them, sharing his own experiences both good and bad!  In two days he assessed and developed a process manual that can be used for new employees and to define departmental processes to those who are already there. From the time the customer calls to make an appointment until the re-delivery, all of the processes are now addressed. I appreciate and welcome the opportunity to work with Joe when the need arises. Joe not only worked with the dealership, he kept me involved, he didn't try to overpower or compete. By the end of their first quarter, they have already met or exceeded most of their goals that were set for the YEAR and are sitting at 98% of their overall index! This has been such a great accomplishment for everyone and Joe played a meaningful part in this and the future success of the Service Department. Thank you for allowing Joe to be a part of this amazing success.” 
  GM Standards For Excellence Facilitator/Consultant

“Joe, great work! This is a great example of working together, outside the box, reinforcing the value we bring to our dealers.”
  Sr. VP, General Manager Maritz LLC

“Joe has been a great asset to the team for helping in the service operations of the facility. He has volunteered his time and is always willing to share his ideas and best practices to help improve the dealer operations.”
Area Lead, Maritz LLC

“Joe, because of your persistence in getting the service department to use appointments, and showing us how to automate the whole SOP system, there has been better control and communication. With the Accessory Center continuing to grow, just yesterday we where talking about the reports you created and how we can modify our system to use the same reports in both departments, but keep them separate on the reports. This is a lot easier, thanks to you.”
  Chevrolet Dealership - Pennsylvania

"There are few professionals that come close to the commitment Joe has to a project. His strength is in his ability to lead the client in uncovering problems and collaborating with them to recommend solutions. He is a trusted advisor and team player who is willing to go the extra mile for a client or teammate. Joe is an expert in Automotive Fixed Ops and has a stellar reputation amongst his peers. Joe would be an excellent addition to any organization."
  GM Standards For Excellence Facilitator/Consultant

"Joe provides a wealth of experience with very refined coaching and consulting skills. He connects closely with his clients to produce measurable results that count. A real asset to any consulting and training team."
  Area Lead, Maritz, LLC

"I learned more in two hours of Joe's training than in two years on the job!"
Service Manager - Chevrolet Dealership, N.C.

"Joe saved us enough with just one idea to pay for his fee for an entire year! Not to mention all of the additional income from the sales he pointed out we were missing. The Service Advisor Training got my Advisors fired up and ready to sell. Not only did my newest Advisor benefit from it, but even my 25 year veteran said he learned from it too."
Service Manager - Chevrolet Dealership, S.C.
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